Experiment and Simulation Methods in 4D STEM: Part 4 - Using py4DSTEM to Simulate Kinematical and Dynamical Diffraction and Application for Beam Sensitive Materials

Date: May 23, 2024

Time: 12:00PM - 01:30PM

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Tutorial CH02—Experiment and Simulation Methods in 4D STEM was presented at the Fall 2023 MRS Meeting. This webinar will overview the material presented in these tutorials and provide a sampling of the content. Attendees will have access to the full recorded tutorials after the webinar.

With the introduction of extremely high speed direct electron detectors, a full image of the diffracted electron probe at each position can be collected, producing a four-dimensional dataset (a 4D-STEM experiment). The overall objectives of this tutorial is for researchers, who are not familiar with this technique, to be able to conduct the experiments, process/analyze the data, and utilize the technique to their research. Specifically, the researchers will learn the fundamental principles of 4D-STEM, experimental procedures, factors that affect the accuracy of the results, data processing, simulation methods, challenges, and opportunities created by 4D-STEM.