A co-presentation by MRS Bulletin and the American Ceramic Society

This webinar is presented in conjunction with the November, 2021 issue of MRS Bulletin and is co-presented with the American Ceramic Society.

Semiconducting oxides have formed the basis for technologically significant advancements in displays, sensors, and photovoltaics, and are setting the stage for emerging applications related to mechanically flexible electronics and 3D monolithic post-CMOS integration. The latter is driven by the quest for more-than-Moore solutions. The November, 2021 issue of MRS Bulletin deals with topics ranging from the materials science of oxides to device applications. The former addresses challenges faced in doping of oxides, including emerging magnetic oxide material systems in skyrmionics, and the latter provides a discourse on oxide thin-film transistors and associated integration architectures for displays, sensors, imaging, and neuromorphic computing.

This webinar will present talks derived from articles in this issue, and the speakers will take live questions from the audience at the conclusion of their talks.

Talk Presentations:

  • Binary Ferroelectric Oxides for Future Computing Paradigms
    Min Hyuk Park, Seoul National University
  • Oxide transistor backplanes for displays and imaging arrays
    Denis Striakhilev, Ignis Innovation