MRS Career Discovery Series: Focus on Flexible & Wearable Electronics

Date: July 21, 2021

Time: 12:00PM - 01:30PM

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Research and innovation in flexible and wearable electronics has advanced significantly in recent years, as materials scientists and engineers have made great inroads in this exciting field. As our knowledge of how to harness the power of materials to create and implement sensors that can monitor our health and other vital parameters has expanded, so have career opportunities. In this lively panel discussion, we will highlight the growing area of flexible and wearable electronics within the MS&E world and showcase the challenges and opportunities in this arena. We will share career prospects for this area, including career paths and jobs, entry points, requisite skills, and most importantly, how and why materials scientists and engineers can contribute to this revolution.

The MRS Career Discovery Series will provide a snapshot into career paths available to researchers within a given topical area in materials science and engineering. While aspects of the science within those fields will be discussed, emphasis will be placed on career prospects in the area including requisite skills needed, challenges and opportunities in the field, and pros and cons of working in each sector.

Upcoming sessions will take place on September 8 and November 16; a full list of session topics will be announced shortly.