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Career Discovery Series: Focus On Quantum and Nanomaterials

Date: November 16, 2021

Time: 12:00PM - 01:30PM

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Quantum materials cannot be described by classical physics. Materials such as topological insulators exhibit quantum behavior and as such, hold a great fascination for materials scientists and engineers. Deeper exploration into building and leveraging the capability of quantum materials is a key driver into more and more research being executed across all sectors. Nanomaterials are just as interesting and describe a class of materials at the nanoscale. They can be used for many applications, from packaging to environmental remediation to pharmaceuticals. In all of these circumstances and more, nanomaterials can serve as a carrier of other materials that solve a problem, such as nanoparticles that improve heat resistance or reduce the capacity for germs to remain on a surface. More and more organizations in industry, including established and startup firms, as well as research groups in traditional ecosystems such as academia and government, are focusing efforts on better understanding, expanding the utility of, and improving the efficiency of quantum and nanomaterials, providing an excellent opportunity for career progression in this discipline.

This session will provide a snapshot into career paths available to researchers within the field of Quantum and Nanomaterials. While aspects of the science within this field will be discussed, emphasis will be placed on career prospects in the area including requisite skills needed, challenges and where the opportunities lie for talented and enthusiastic materials scientists and engineers who wish to engage this frontier field.

Sponsored by The PPG Foundation

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