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​Materials for Advanced Semiconductor Memories

Date: May 23, 2018

Time: 12:00PM - 01:30PM

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Sponsored by American Elements

The need for new memory with non-volatility and low power-consuming performance is rapidly increasing. In both emerging and current memories, material innovation is of central importance. In the May, 2018 issue of MRS Bulletin, the recent improvements in this field are reviewed, especially emerging and novel materials for disruptive memory concepts. Progress in scanning probe-based memory devices is also described.

The talks in this webinar expanded upon the MRS Bulletin issue, and attendees were able to interact—in real time—with the webinar presenters.

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The importance of memory for current and future computers and information technology cannot be understated. With computational architectures becoming data-centric, the role of memory is becoming ever more crucial, including the need for low power consumption and non-volatility, necessitating new memory technologies. Current dynamic RAM and NAND flash memories also continue to see significant improvements. Materials advances are critical for both. The May 2018 issue of MRS Bulletin reviews materials developments for new and improved memory devices covering new dynamic RAM, ferroelectric memories, topological memory using phase change materials, spin-based RAM, nanometal-based RAM, and scanning-probe based memory.

The talks in this webinar will expand upon the MRS Bulletin issue, and attendees will be able to interact—in real time—with the webinar presenters.


  • Ferroelectric HfO2 for FeRAM and Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistor
    Uwe Schroeder, NaMLab gGmbH
  • Non-Ionic Resistance Switching Memory
    Yang Lu, University of Pennsylvania
  • Materials for Spin-Transfer-Torque Magnetic Random Access Memories (STT-MRAM)
    Guohan Hu, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Sponsored by American Elements

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