Electronic textiles (e-textiles) refers to textiles that are integrated with electronic components and systems, and provide electronic active functions. Research in e-textiles has rapidly expanded in recent years due to rapid progress in novel nanotechnologies, smart materials, miniaturization of devices and chips, low power communication strategies, and the pursuit of intelligent human-machine interfaces. The articles in the June 2021 issue of MRS Bulletin highlight some of the latest developments in smart materials and devices used for e-textiles. The talks in this webinar will complement the articles in the MRS Bulletin issue.

Talk presentations:

  • Conducting materials as building blocks for electrionic textiles
    Christian Müller, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Thread-based Wearable Devices
    Sameer R. Sonkusale, Tufts University
  • Smart textile triboelectric nanogenerators: current status and perspectives
    Zhong Lin Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology