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2016 MRS Fall Meeting

Tutorial EM7.3 - The Fundamentals, Advanced Fabrication Approaches, and Novel Applications of Functional Plasmonics, Part 3: Advanced Bottom-Up Fabrications using DNA Nanotechnology for Functional Plasmonics in the Visible Regime

Nov 27, 2016 8:30am ‐ Nov 27, 2016 12:00pm


Following fast development in several decades, plasmonics has stepped into a new horizon, where not only the intriguing optical properties of plasmonic structures and systems matter but also their functionalities, especially promising applications in different spectral regimes are of paramount importance. A better understanding of the profound properties from the molecular to submicron level opens a new pathway to designing functional plasmonic materials and devices.

This tutorial will focus on both the fundamentals and applications of functional plasmonics from the visible to the microwave regime.

Gang will provide insights into the DNA-driven assembly of optically active nano-objects into well-defined architectures: ideas, methods, and realizations. Approaches based on self-assembly offer tremendous advantages in nanomaterial fabrication and address tasks that are intrinsically difficult for conventional fabrication methods. He will present DNA assembly of plasmonic clusters and extended arrays from nanoscale components of multiple types driven by DNA recognition, chain effects and geometrical factors. Based on the expertise in assembly, optical and mechanical effects in plasmonic nanosystems can be controlled well and this allows for rationalizing all aspects of nanomaterial fabrication.


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