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Ideas for the Future of Materials Research

Apr 7, 2022 3:30pm ‐ Apr 7, 2022 5:00pm


What are the most exciting new opportunities at the forefront of condensed matter and materials research? The National Academies’ Condensed Matter and Materials Research Committee (CMMRC) hosted this virtual interactive session of lightning talks on emerging areas of interest.

All were welcomed to submit ideas for this event. Four ideas were selected for presentation at this meeting.


  • Introduction to the CMMRC
    Sue Coppersmith, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Tom Witten, University of Chicago
    Chris Jones, National Academies
  • Evolution and Next Steps from the CMMRC Workshops
    • Frontiers in Memristive Materials for Neuromorphic Processing Applications - Leslie Momoda
    • Frontiers in Synthetic Moiré Quantum Matter - Aharon Kapitulnik
    • Frontiers in Data Analytics and Monitoring Tools for Extreme Materials - Olivia Graeve
  • "Idea Search" Activity
    • Advancing Machine Intelligence via Robotic Materials
      Ryan L. Truby
    • Uncharted territories between crystals and glasses
      Xiaoming Mao
    • High Entropy Materials for Energy Applications
      Zac Ward
    • Viscous hydrodynamics in curved geometries
      Avraham Klein


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