Alket Mertiri

Boston University, Boston University

Alket received his B.S. from Boston University inPhysics and Mathematics. After graduating in 2006, Alket, workedas at EIC Laboratories Inc in Norwood, MAdeveloping new narrow bandgap semiconductors.After more than two years with EIC Labs, Alket begin pursuinghis PhD studies at Boston University in the Materials Science and Engineering division. As a graduatestudent, he has been working as a Research Assistant in the Femtosecond Infrared Spectroscopy Laboratory under the supervision of Professor Shyam Erramilli. Alket has been working on developinga label-free ultrasensitive spectromicroscopy method using high power mid-IR Quantum CascadeLasers. Alket is currently a postdoc at Laboratory of Neural Circuit Formation at Boston University under the supervision of Prof. Tim Gardner.