Karena W._Chapman

Karena W. Chapman

Karena W. Chapman is a chemist within the X-ray Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. In this role she develops and applies advanced synchrotron-based characterization tools to explore the coupled structure and reactivity of energy-relevant materials, including battery electrodes and electrolytes, catalysts and nanoporous framework materials for strategic gas capture. Her research exploits Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis of high-energy x-ray scattering data and other complementary methods, to probe the atomic and nanoscale structure of crystalline, nano and amorphous materials that are beyond the limits of conventional crystallography. She leads the dedicated PDF instrument, 11-ID-B, at Argonne National Laboratory's Advanced Photon Source and is co-editor for theJournal of Applied Crystallography. Chapman joined Argonne National Laboratory in 2005 as the Arthur Holly Compton Postdoctoral Scholar, becoming a staff scientist in 2009. She received her BSc and PhD degrees in chemistry from the University of Sydney, Australia.