Tatiana Vakhitova

Granta Design

Tatiana Vakhitova holds a Ph.D. in engineering from the Centre for Sustainable Development and an MPhil from the Land Economy Department (University of Cambridge, UK). Prior to her graduate studies, Tatiana gained professional experience in a real estate consultancy, in a manufacturing company, and in a newspaper. Tatiana, as a part of Education Division of Granta Design, develops teaching resources in the area of sustainable development. Tatiana is also responsible for the development of projects with universities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Her research interests are in the area of engineering and design sustainability teaching, accreditation, resource efficiency, social impact assessment and CSR. Her recent collaborative publications include: “Taking stock: sustainability in engineering teaching: case of CES EduPack - software for teaching” (Vakhitova, Shercliff and Ashby 2015); “Material Risk and Corporate Sustainability” (Vakhitova and Ashby 2014); “Practical Competences as Learning Outcomes Using CES EduPack” (Vakhitova and Fredriksson 2013).