Nicholas A. Kotov

University of Michigan

Sharon C. Glotzer is the Stuart W. Churchill Professor of Chemical Engineering, and Nicholas A. Kotov is the Joseph B. and Florence V. Cejka Professor of Engineering, both at the University of Michigan. They hold faculty appointments in Materials Science & Engineering and other departments, and are founding members of the U-M Biointerfaces Institute. Their 10-year collaboration has produced some of the most highly cited papers in the field of nanoparticle self-assembly, predicting, validating and explaining their many experimental and computational discoveries. Glotzer is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. Among many awards and honors, she is a Fellow of the AAAS and the American Physical Society, a Simons Investigator and a National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellow. Kotov is an MRS Fellow and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is among Thomson Reuters "World’s most influential scientific minds" (2014), their Top 25 Materials Scientists of 2000–2010 and their Top 100 Chemists of 2000–2010. Kotov’s 2007 work was acknowledged by Wired Magazine as among the Top 10 Discoveries of the Year, and he received the NASA Nanotech Briefs Top 50 Award. This year Kotov received the Langmuir Lecturer Award from the American Chemical Society. Glotzer and Kotov each received the Charles M.A. Stine Award from the Materials Engineering & Sciences Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Together, their papers have 40,000 citations. Their joint research is supported by AFOSR, ARO and NSF.