Azar Alizadeh

Senior Material Scientist, GE Global Research

Azar Alizadeh holds a PhD in Physics and has worked at GE Global Research since 2000. Dr Alizadeh has extensive experience in the field of nano-bio-manufacturing and has led numerous cross-functional teams during her tenure at GE Global Research, including the NBMC “Wearable device for dynamic assessment of hydration status”, the US Army, “A wearable physiological monitoring system for assessment of hemodynamic state” and the AFRL study of “Sensor systems for warfighter health and performance monitoring and augmentation”. She has also been the key GE contact on the NBMC “Wearable paper-based microfluidic biomarker sensor patch” program and the co-Lead on the NextFlex Human Monitoring Systems Technical Working Group. Dr. Alizadeh has 45 peer reviewed publications and 13 US patents/patent applications.