Bruno Rodrigues

Dr. Bruno V Manzolli Rodrigues’ degrees are in Chemistry (B.S., 2009) and in Sciences (Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, 2014). He joined Universidade Brasil starting Dec. 2016, and now is the coordinator of the Applied Nanoscience and Plasma Technology Laboratory. Prof. Rodrigues has experience in the fields of materials science and biomedical engineering with focus on the following subareas: polymers, nanocomposites and biocompatible materials. Since 2009, Prof. Rodrigues works on the design, characterization and application of nanostructured materials based on polymers and carbon materials for in vitro and in vivo applications. He has a major experience in electrospinning for the production of polymeric nano and ultrathin fibers and in its further functionalization in order to study biological systems-biomaterials interactions.