Huolin Xin

Prof. Xin's primary field of expertise lies in developing novel 3-D, atomic-resolution, and in situ spectroscopic and imaging tools to probe the structural, chemical, and bonding changes of energy materials during chemical reactions or under external stimuli. His research spans the areas from tomographic and atomic-resolution chemical imaging of battery and fuel cell materials to in situ environmental study of heterogeneous catalysts, and to the development of deep learning enabled self-driving TEM.

Academic Distinctions

2017 Appointed Chair for Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting 2020
2015 2014's Top-10 Scientific Achievements at Brookhaven Lab
2012 Presidential Post-Doctoral Award from Microscopy Society of America
2011 Castaing Award from Microbeam Analysis Society
2010 Castaing Award from Microbeam Analysis Society
2008 Distinguished Scholar Award from Microbeam Analysis Society
2005 Cornell Walter Schonlenk Fellowship

2018- Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy, UC Irvine
2018- Full Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory
2015- Associate Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory
2013- Assistant Scientist, Brookhaven National Laboratory