Jonathan Cullen

Dr Jonathan Cullen (PI, £0.3m current UKRI grants, other £3M, h-index 22) is a University Lecturer in Energy, Transport and Urban Infrastructure, at the University of Cambridge. He leads the Resource Efficiency Collective and has a reputation for top-down studies of resource systems, bringing skills in developing new metrics to reflect both energy and material consequences of materials production. Jonathan leads the US$4M project C-THRU: carbon clarity in the global petrochemical supply chain, funded by VKRF. 

He has been an investigator on 7 projects (EPSRC, Innovate UK, H2020) and is currently Co-I on the £5.2M "UK FIRES" program grant (EP/S019111/1) and the £1.25M UKRI “CirPlas: Circular Economy Approaches to Eliminate Plastic Waste” (EP/S025308/1). He is a Lead Author for the IPCC AR6 Industry Chapter, an Expert Adviser to the IEA Technology Roadmaps, and co-authored the book “Sustainable Materials: with both eyes open”, which pioneered the concept of material efficiency for energy-intensive industries.