Hanu Arava

Argonne National Laboratory

Dr. Hanu Arava is a postdoctoral scholar with the Northwestern University and a resident associate at the Argonne National Laboratory. He holds a PhD in Materials from ETH Zürich in Switzerland. His doctoral work was on leveraging the many-body physics of artificial spin ices for use in Boolean and non-Boolean computation.

Hanu currently represents Northwestern University in the Quantum Materials for Energy Efficient Neuromorphic Computing (Q-MEEN-C), a Department of Energy (DOE) funded Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC). In addition, he also serves as an EFRC representative for the DOE’s Basic Energy Sciences’ Early Career Network planning committee for the Q-MEEN-C.

In his current role, he helps develop novel solutions to brain-like computation using thin films of complex oxides and magnetic materials. In particular, he is interested in the application of metal-insulator transition materials for use in neuromorphic computing, and spintronic devices for pattern recognition.