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​Materials for Nonreciprocal Photonics

‐ Jun 20, 2018 12:30pm

For photonic systems, breaking reciprocity using nonreciprocal materials is a fundamental challenge and opportunity, which is both of scientific interest and of technical importance. It allows for the development of key photonic components, such as optical isolators and circulators-on-a-chip and also provides revolutionary ways to transport and process data in photonic systems. In the June, 2018 issue of MRS Bulletin, several representative research directions toward realizing integrated nonreciprocal photonic materials and devices are summarized.

The talks in this webinar expanded upon the MRS Bulletin issue, and attendees were able to interact—in real time—with the webinar presenters.


  • Monolithic Magneto-optical oxide thin films for on-chip optical isolation
    Juejun Hu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Talk begins at 13:15
  • Optical nonreciprocal devices for silicon photonics using wafer-bonded magneto-optical garnet materials
    Tetsuya Mizumoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Talk begins at 34:58
  • Integrated all-mode Faraday rotators using sputter deposited MO thin films
    David Hutchings, University of Glasgow
    Talk begins at 59:44