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100 Years after Griffith: From Brittle Bulk Fracture to Failure in 2D Materials

‐ Aug 24, 2022 12:30pm

A century after A.A. Griffith’s seminal contribution trying to explain the fracture strength of brittle materials, our understanding of the fracture and failure of materials has come a long way. Much progress has been achieved in understanding brittle and ductile failure, especially at smaller and smaller length scales. This has contributed much towards designing materials for engineering applications to avoid such failures. The articles in the August 2022 issue of MRS Bulletin cover various aspects of understanding fracture and failure at micro- and nanostructural scales as well as in specific material systems. The talks in this webinar highlight some of these aspects, complementing the MRS Bulletin articles.


  • Crack propagation resistance of TiAl alloys
    Reinhard Pippan, Austrian Academy of Sciences
    (Talk starts at 13:05)
  • Fracture in small-scale structures and confined volumes
    Balila Nagamani Jaya, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
    (Talk starts at 45:11)
  • Fracture at the Two-Dimensional Limit
    Markus Buehler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    (Talk starts at 1:14:40)