Sabrina Sartori

Dr. Sabrina Sartori graduated from University of Bologna in 2003 with a Ph.D. degree, majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. She works as an associate professor and leader of the section for Energy Systems at the Department of Technology Systems, University of Oslo.

Her research interests cover solid state physics and chemistry including synthesis and characterization of materials for energy storage and conversion; structure characterization via in-situ and operando synchrotron and neutron radiation experiments at large-scale facilities; investigation of nanoscale and porous materials via small-angle scattering. Recent research directions include design and study of innovative energy systems for the integration of renewable energy into the power grid.

Sartori serves as expert and leader in several committees, boards and initiatives, including the International Energy Agency (IEA) - Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (Task 40). She is part of the editorial board of MRS Bulletin Energy Quarterly, and an editorial advisor for MRS Energy and Sustainability (MRE) journal.