Tian Li

Dr. Tian Li is currently an assistant professor in School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. She obtained her PhD under the advice of Prof. Mario Dagenais in the area of electrophysics and non-linear optics in the Department of Electrical Engineering at University of Maryland, where her research focused on the experimental and theoretical studies aimed at establishing a fundamental understanding of the electrical and optical processes governing the operation of quantum dot solar cells.

She then joined Prof. Liangbing Hu's group at University of Maryland as a post-doctoral researcher. During postdoc, she has focused her research on emerging cellulose science and engineering and high temperature thermoelectrics. As the leading author, she has published in Science, Nature Materials, Nature Energy, Science Advances, among others. She has received awards/recognitions including Haythornthwaite foundation research initiation grant, R &D 100 finalist, ECE Distinguished Dissertation Award, Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award, Forbes 30 under 30 in energy category, etc.

MRS Postdoctoral Award citation:
“For the innovative and pioneering research in wood nanotechnology and nanocellulose toward energy, water and Sustainability”